Know your parks. 


Wikipedia - List of all 424 NPS units

National Park maps - Digital versions of most NPS maps

NPS overview map - Epic view of every park unit - Official resource for the National Park system

Timed entry - Lists which parks/tours require ticketed, timed reservations - Book campsites, reserve tours, and enter Park Service lotteries

The Dyrt - Modern resource for finding campsites

Campendium - Older resource for finding campsites

camply - Get alerts about campsite openings (requires programming)

BLM maps - Find dispersed camping and boondocking sites

Outly - Performant maps for BLM and other public lands

Notion - Keep track of travel plans

More Than Just Parks - Short films on dozens of NPS units 


1. Learn about the park before you go

2. Get to visitor centers early in your trip

3. Leave it better than you found it

4. Use weekdays for the "must-do" spots, weekends for backcountry

5. Bike everywhere you can

6. Pack a spare map for lost hikers

7. Bring snacks

8. Camp inside of the park

9. Ask park rangers and volunteers questions you can't Google

10. Thank park staff and volunteers